What Makes A Successful Brand Identity?


In a world of 7,000+ languages, visual communication a universal tool when it comes to the delivery information from a sender, through the medium to a recipient.

A successful brand identity is built through every interaction a consumer has with a companies service, culture, marketing, and imagery. It is a combination of digital, tangible collateral, cohesive messaging, reinforcing imagery, values, a unique story, and a product or service. With each part becoming an ambassador for the brand or business. A successful brand identity must remain cohesive and communicate as clearly and direct with their target audience as possible.

Shortening the complexity of a statement to something simple, clean, and concise facilitates the message your brand is sending into a world of noise and mixed audiences. It helps bridge the gap between what can be conceived from a viewer to what indeed is true.

Successful branding can accomplish many things. It can boost consumer and internal perception. It creates loyalty when the experience matches values and messaging. Helps build brand recognition, when often these days people don’t buy a product for necessity alone, with a market that is thriving with consumerism and continuously developing products, content, applications, etc. Consumers dig into their pockets because of a brands values, culture, and unique story.

While your branding is out working for you, it needs to be clear, simple, refined and cohesive. It speaks for your company when you are not present so understanding what the color, shape, typography, imagery, and presentation do and how they work together is crucial. Understanding why presentation has equal or more value than just the product alone is everything in this world of visual communication.

To keep things simple, if it doesn’t add value don’t include it. All decisions must be made with intent so keeping things simple is not only more approachable, but it’s also more intuitive and much easier for an audience to remember.

Because we are bombarded with stories, images, content, and so much information in general, at times it can be overwhelming and frustrating to keep up with all this overflow of information. The best way to communicate your message and your brand to a mass audience is to keep things simple. The design must be purposeful and provide value it must ensure you are delivering a clear and cohesive message, without overwhelming the viewer.

Dancing the fine line between being unique with purpose and just for uniqueness sake are two completely different things. Approach uniqueness with truth and substance. Every choice to be modified must still echo the brand's message and values.

A successful brand identity is cohesive, simple, clear, compelling and unique.

jerry hernandezComment