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With a commitment to clothing, jewelry & home goods from independent and local designers, Solid Gold believes every woman should feel empowered and look radiant effortlessly. Their premium quality, curated collections are made up of handcrafted goods that are perfect for an art gallery opening, a weekend with the family or really, any day of the week.



Solid Gold is committed to small label clothing, accessory designers while providing a familial atmosphere to their much-loved customers and friends. They believe the essential elements of creating a unique space are comfortable styles, ethical practices, and building a real community. Solid Gold cherishes the opportunity to make a personal bond with our customers and the ability to support and promote other small businesses, designers and artists (both local and global) with a great aesthetic and ethical standards. Solid Gold is that neighborhood shop where you know you can run for a quick gift, your shopping fix or just a chat and a glass of wine. We want you not only to look good but feel good too.




Pop-Up Campaign

Pop-Up Campaign

With the launch of a new website came the opportunity to better understand the Solid Gold customer. In this 4 step process, our goal is to gather information about the customer that we can then use to deliver a better experince but also purchase products that are more in line with there wants



In step one our goal was to engage those landing on the Solid Gold page with a compelling offer of $50.00 off their next online purchase in exchange for their email and first name.

"Enter your email and first name below, to learn how you can get $50.00 off your next online purchase!"

If engaged the customer will receive their first personalized follow up email with a message that reads:

Hi {First Name}
Thanks for signing up!
As we launch our new website we are offering a special bonus (just through May 11, so hop on it today!) We would love to know a little bit about you and what y' all care about."
When you fill out a super short 10 question survey, you will receive an email with a code for: $50.00 off your next online purchase of $400.00 or more as a thank you for taking the time to fill out our little survey!
- Katie

The goal of email 1 is to deliver direct details about how the customer can get $50.00 off but also create value around the offer. With the addition of the information "of $400.00 or more" as well as by placing an ad at the bottom of the email that reads "Get free shipping on all orders over $300.00" this, in theory, should trigger a sense of value within the customer through price association. As well as create a sense of urgency with copy that reads "just through May 11, so hop on it today!"

If the customer decides to opt into the exchange of information for $50.00 off their next online order they will click the CTA that reads "Get My Code."

This CTA will redirect the customer to a landing page that is branded similar to the original pop-up and will have similar verbiage.

The questions on the landing page will allow us to identify the customer age range. Helping us create imagery that is more relatable but also will let us start segmenting the “Solid Gold Women.”

Their location will allow us to start thinking geo-marketing / targeting and create campaigns based on areas where real customers live.

Where and how they like to spend their free time. Will give us a general understanding of what the customer values most in their life.

We will discover what is essential when making an online purchase. If there is a common interest within the customers or interesting pain points we can look to build solutions as we develop the site and it's processing to help minimize the friction a customer will face during the purchasing life cycle.
We have added a few other questions as well that will help give us a better insight into their customer's psychographics.
Upon completing the form, the customer will be sent their second email with the promotional code. In this final email, we repeat the copy that reads "Please note code does expire, May 11th, 2019 at Midnight CST." to keep up with the sense of urgency as well as include the free shipping ad.

Throughout the entire process, each link and email will be tracked so we can identify if and when different customers are falling out of the campaign, this will allow us to understand better where we need to make adjustments in the future.

Abandoned Cart Campaign Drip Emails

Abandoned Cart Campaign Drip Emails

Instagram Story - Launch Campaign

Instagram Story - Launch Campaign